Availability & Booking


Prices (May to October inclusive)
• All Day Charter – £1500
• Half Day Charter – £950
• Special Charter – Price quoted after discussion to decide on the itinerary required.

How to book
a) Check availability for the day you require.
b) Phone us on 01263 740377 or 07771 597 985 or email us by clicking the button below to discuss the type of charter you require.
c) Send us a 25% deposit (cheque made payable to Charlie Ward Traditional Boats Ltd.) which is refundable in accordance with Clause 9 of this booking information.

Maximum Number
JUNO can accommodate up to ten people (in addition to the skipper and mate), but eight is more comfortable!

All Day Charters

August 27th. 0710 to 1840.
August 28th. 0740 to 1910.
August 29th. 0815 to 0740.
August 30th. 0850 to 1915.
August 31st. 0830 to 2050.

SEPTEMBER 26th. 0715 to 1840.
September 27th. 0750 to 1915.
September 28th. 0830 to 1950.

OCTOBER 12th. 0830 to 1945.

Half Day Charters

August 17th. 0910 to 1410.
August 18th. 1000 to 1500.
August 19th. 1100 to 1600.

SEPTEMBER 2nd. 0920 to 1420.
September 5th. 1300 to 1800.
September 29th. 0730 to 1230.

OCTOBER 3rd. 1115 to 1615.
October 4th. 1150 to 1650.
October 17th. 1030 to 1530.
October 28th. 0715 to 1215.
October 31st. 0850 to 1350.

Booking Information

1. Children:
Regretfully we cannot accept bookings for children aged twelve and under, except by special arrangement.

2. Dogs:
Regretfully we cannot allow any dogs on JUNO.

3. Exclusive Charters:
JUNO is only available for exclusive private charters. There is a set charge for the charter which is for the exclusive charter of JUNO for up to ten adults.

4. Food/Drink:
Please note that our charter prices include tea, coffee and soft drinks, as well as home-made cake for afternoon tea (all-day charters only). If you would like food prepared specially for your charter, please feel free to contact us for some suggestions. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink. JUNO is equipped with a spacious galley which includes a microwave, gas hob and spacious oven, large fridge, and crockery/cutlery/glasses and mugs for ten people. We also carry champagne glasses.

5. Accommodation on JUNO:
JUNO is luxuriously outfitted below decks with a spacious saloon which will accommodate up to eight people comfortably for a meal. (There is also plenty of space around the cockpit table for up to eight adults for a meal). There are two loos and if you would like to have a siesta, there are several spacious berths. JUNO is also equipped with an audio/CD system.

6. Weather:
If the weather turns cold during your charter trip, there is full central heating in the accommodation of JUNO and we can erect wind dodgers around the cockpit to protect you from the wind if necessary.

7. Clothing:
We advise you to bring plenty of warm clothing (however good the forecast is), because it can often be much colder on the water than on shore. Please also bring waterproof clothing if it is likely to rain. We would be most grateful if you could bring an extra pair of clean rubber soled shoes (such as trainers) for wearing on board JUNO.

8. Safety Equipment:
JUNO is fully licensed for chartering and carries all the latest safety equipment, including self-inflating life jackets for each person on board. Please bear in mind however, that we never go to sea if conditions are rough or the forecast is poor, and normally we do not sail more than two miles from the shore at any time. JUNO has been built to be extremely sturdy throughout and is exceptionally stable, which ensures that sailing her is always comfortable and relaxing.

9. Weather Forecast/Cancellation:
Needless to say we always carefully monitor the weather 24-hours before each charter and, if necessary, we may have to alter the itinerary of the charter to suit weather conditions. In the event of a poor forecast, we will contact you at least 24-hours before your charter to discuss the following options which are open to you:-
• An altered itinerary for your charter
• Cancellation of your charter and transfer to another date
• Cancellation of your charter and full refund of your deposit

10. Deposit:
We require a 25% deposit (by bank transfer to 30-92-88 A/C 28391860 please) to secure your booking. This will be refunded if there is an adverse weather forecast (see Note 10 above).

11. Payment:
The balance of the charter cost will be due at least 24hrs before the charter (by bank transfer to 30-92-88. A/C 28391860 please).


Some accommodation suggestions for large groups are

Barn Drift, Cley

Scaldbeck House, Morston

Morston Hall Hotel, Morston