Baloda Bāzār Testimonials

Extracts from letters from those who have previously chartered Juno

“JUNO is a total masterpiece and it was so kind of you to let us sail in her – just amazing to sit beneath her sails”

“In my 4 1/2 month holiday in Europe certainly sailing with you on that beautiful day on your beautiful boat was a highlight I shall long remember. It was joyous. Then you let me helm the boat and the great feelings from my past experiences with my boat so many years ago came back flooding me with deep joy. So thank you for that sail from the bottom of my heart.”

“Many thanks for a marvellous sail yesterday – couldn’t have been much better for a family trip on the barge. Thoroughly enjoyed by all.”

“I really was most impressed. I knew it would be good but it proved to be more spectacular than I had expected. There is a romantic feel to the boat which will stay in my memory.”

“We all had a memorable time and have been talking about JUNO ever since! The whole day was perfect.”

“I have just arrived home from work, struggling through the traffic, my mind thinking back, as it often does, to that sublime day we had with you sailing on JUNO. What a wonderful boat so exquisitely put together and such a marvel to sail on and to handle. We loved our day sailing with you and it gave us such a unique perspective of your spectacular North Norfolk Coastline.”

“I am definitely in the wrong place and can feel a barge coming on …….! Last week the Gods were with us and it was an unforgettable time”

“Thank you so much for allowing us to share a most memorable trip on JUNO yesterday. She is, quite simply, the most special boat we have ever had the pleasure to sail.”

“We had a wonderful time on JUNO – everything was perfect, – the sailing, the company and the weather. It was certainly a couple of days that none of us will ever forget.”

“Thank you for such a wonderful day – words fail to describe JUNO – she is so beautiful.”

“However disappointing this summer may prove to be, our sail on JUNO will stand out as one of the great and memorable days to mark the millennium.”

“When I am an old man, in my dotage, our day spent on JUNO will still be one of my best memories.”

“Sailing on JUNO will go down as one of the best days of our life. It was magical – we enjoyed every minute of our day.”

“I had been looking forward to my sail on JUNO for some time and when it came it surpassed all expectations – a really wonderful day and it was my best present ever – I have been telling everyone every aspect of it!”

“Our party thoroughly enjoyed their time on JUNO and will go away and talk about her in glowing terms.”

“Thank you so much for the most wondrous, dreamy day on JUNO. It was such a treat and so special and I am very privileged to spend a whole perfect day on her.”

“It was completely fabulous – she is beautiful and it was magical to sail her to Wells. The children are still talking about it.”

“It really was a most lovely and memorable day and we all felt very pampered and special to have made the trip to Scolt Head Island in such style and comfort.”

“Our day on JUNO was magical. The magic was neither in the wind nor the weather – it was in the boat. Thank you for allowing us to join you on an unforgettable experience that even exceeded our expectations.”

“What a wonderful, wonderful day! Thank you so much – the boat was superb, the weather almost perfect and the sailing magnificent.”

“I was very impressed by JUNO’s performance under sail especially when the wind was fresh, and her steadiness in the seaway. I don’t know of any other large boat of which I would say the same thing.”

“Thank you for our cruise in JUNO. It was a truly memorable experience and has given us a whole new perspective on the North Norfolk Coast. We all thought that JUNO was a beautiful boat and all our party enjoyed the experience immensely.”.

“Our charter was a huge success and I feel fraudulent in the praise heaped upon me for arranging such an excellent day out. The praise is entirely due to you and your crew, the magnificence of your lovely craft JUNO.”

“Thank you for a wonderful day last Sunday. The Gods certainly smiled on us – it was an unforgettable experience!.”

“I just wanted to write a little note to extend my appreciation and thanks to you for our wonderful outing on JUNO. The weather was extremely kind and it was great to leave the everyday stresses behind on dry land and just relax with nature. JUNO is absolutely fantastic and you must be so proud of her. I felt like wiping a tear away as we set off for home.”

“Many thanks for a great trip on JUNO yesterday. It was, quite simply, one of the most exhilarating and memorable boating experiences of my life. We are already planning another trip for next year!”