Another great charter yesterday, with some perfect sailing heading West from Blakeney Harbour along the coast, ending up well offshore opposite Scolt Head and beyond. A gentle SSW wind and a flat sea meant that conditions were ideal. As the wind freshened we headed back inshore and beached JUNO at Gun Hill close to the East end of Scolt Head Island, and charterers enjoyed a long lazy lunch around the cockpit table. Within half an hour the tide had receded leaving JUNO high and dry on perfect flat sand, allowing everyone to climb off, for walking and exploring this stunning area. After a few beach games and some mast climbing, the tide was quickly on its way back up the beach and Juno was soon afloat again. With reefed sails in a freshening breeze, we enjoyed some wonderful sailing close inshore along the coast, reaching almost 8 knots at times, while charterers enjoyed tea and Helen’s home made cake and took turns on the wheel. Heading back into Blakeney Harbour, which was looking amazing in the evening sun, we exchanged friendly glances with the seals as someone produced a bottle of champagne for all to toast a really magical day.